There are plenty of resources to help students find the right place to live while studying at ISTA.

On-Campus Housing

You can choose to live on campus in the ISTA-owned and -operated apartments (subject to availability). This is a great way to connect with the campus community outside of labs and classrooms.

Single students as well as couples/families are welcome to stay in one of our over 100 residences.


You are eligible to live with us if you are:

  • A PhD student who accepted our offer of admission
  • An intern (or ISTern) who accepted our offer

If you have agreed to take our offer of admission as a PhD student or intern, our Campus services will send you an email with instructions on how to proceed with your residence booking.

More about Housing at ISTA.

Off-Campus Housing

If you wish to live in Vienna or the Klosterneuburg area, there are lots of great neighborhoods to choose from.

Living in Vienna

In 2019, Vienna has been ranked the most liveable city in the world for the 10th year in a row by the Mercer Quality of Living Survey. Mercer’s annual index ranks 231 cities around the world on factors including political stability, healthcare, education, housing and public transport.

Vienna’s excellent public transport network, the top-notch healthcare, low crime rate, quality housing and the variety of cultural and leisure activities were the main reasons why the capital was ranked 1st.

Vienna is divided in 23 districts (“Bezirke”) that wrap around the 1st district like a snail-shell.

Look at the map of Vienna to help you decide.

Living in Klosterneuburg

Klosterneuburg is situated only 18 km from the city center of Vienna. Its location between the Danube and the rolling hills of the Vienna Woods with its vineyards, pastures and forests provides an excellent environment to learn and grow. The city offers a wide range of housing options, from individual and shared apartments to houses.

If you need help in your rental search, you can contact our Campus services.


No matter if you want a substantial meal, a snack to go, or traditional Austrian coffee and cake, you will find a suitable place to eat and drink on campus.

Our dining experiences include:

  • The cafeteria offers freshly cooked meals made of local, seasonal and well-balanced ingredients.
  • Café/Pub. The café serves a selection of sandwiches, snacks, pizzas along with a range of hot and cold beverages.
  • Other locations. Starbucks corner in the Central Building lobby on the ground floor, coffee kitchens in each building, vending machines.

There is also a Billa supermarket only a few steps away from campus. It provides you with everything you might need for your daily life.

More about Dining.

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