IST Austria welcomes students with different academic backgrounds who can bring their skills and experiences to the scientific setting.

At IST Austria, it is possible to be admitted to the PhD straight out of your Bachelor’s program.

We welcome applicants holding (or expecting to hold before enrollment) a Bachelor’s degree in biology, chemistry, neurosciencemathematicscomputer sciencephysics, data science and scientific computing and related areas. It could be a 3-year Bachelor’s degree or 4-year Bachelor’s degree.

Students with undergraduate studies are required to complete more elective coursework (in addition to the core courses and project) and are also granted more time to complete the Phase I of the PhD (a total of 2 years as opposed to 1,5 years for Master’s students). At the time of admissions, Bachelor’s students are by default assigned the “long-route” status (as opposed to the “short-route” status for students with a Master’s degree).

More about the Long route/Short route.


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