The Graduate School Office at ISTA

The Graduate School Office (GSO) provides administrative support for all matters related to the PhD program from admission to successful completion of the program requirements. The GSO team members work closely with faculty members, the Dean, the Program Chair, Graduate Student Association representatives and other administrative staff, including Finance and Human Resources to ensure the smooth day-to-day running of the PhD Program.

Students are always welcome to approach any of the GSO team members if they have questions about the PhD program requirements, or any other generic inquiries. The GSO can be reached through

Dean and Program Chair


The Dean has overall responsibility for the Graduate School and all PhD programs (currently only one) within the Graduate School. She is responsible for the overall strategic direction of the ISTA Graduate School, and for mediating and making final decisions in all exceptional requests relating to students or their training. Examples of issues that require the Dean’s approval include change in supervisor, application for an external co-supervisor, or the approval of extension to examination deadlines.

The current Dean is Eva Benkova.

PhD Program Chair

The Program Chair is in charge of all matters relating to the PhD curriculum. In case a student would like to perform a 4th or a 5th rotation, if clarification on the interpretation of PhD program rules is needed, or if there are any exceptional requests pertaining to the PhD program requirements, the Program Chair’s approval is required.

The current Program Chair is Gasper Tkacik.


Maria Trofimova | Head of the Graduate School Office |

Hania Köver | Graduate School Development |

Judita Huber | Graduate School Development |

Jerneja Beslagic | Assistant to Dean |

Uli Seiss | Student Recruiting and Admissions |

Gabriela Caracaleanu | Student Recruiting and Admissions |

Jennifer Millar | Student Recruiting and Admissions |

Hanna Raszynska (on maternity leave) | Courses & Curriculum |

Eszter Fügedi | Courses & Curriculum |

Hitomi Tsukuda | Courses & Curriculum |

Adam Louis Troldahl | Courses & Curriculum |

Eszter Nucz | IT Projects Graduate School |

May Chan (on maternity leave) | IT Projects Graduate School |


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