PhD Program

We are looking for highly qualified candidates with a Bachelor’s or Master’s degree in biology, chemistry, neurosciencemathematicscomputer sciencephysics, data science and scientific computing and related areas to apply for the PhD program at ISTA.

2022-11-21: a cyberattack in late October/early November has affected all ISTA databases, including the application portal. We are working hard to get the portal back online. However we do not have a timeline when this will happen. If you have created an application, it is very likely that you will need to submit your documents again. We will adjust deadlines accordingly and will keep you posted here. 

Before applying for admission, please read the PhD Application and Admission page. Please also review the FAQ page and download the instructions for the online app.

If you have any questions about the PhD program, contact us.

ISTernship summer internship program

Bachelor’s or Master’s degree students interested in basic research in the fields of biologyneurosciencemathematicscomputer sciencephysics, data science and scientific computing and related areas are encouraged to apply for the ISTernship (“IST-” + “(int)ernship“) summer internship program.

The call for the 2022 ISTernship program is now closed.

The call  for the 2023 ISTernship program will open in December 2022.

Learn more on our ISTernship program page. Please also review the FAQ page.

If you have any questions about the ISTernship program, please contact us.

Scientific internships and research projects

Students who are either pursuing or have obtained a Bachelor’s or a Master’s degree in the natural or computer sciences, mathematics or any related discipline are eligible to apply for a scientific intern position at ISTA.

Students who are enrolled in a Bachelor’s or a Master’s degree program which requires the completion of a research project or internship as a part of the curriculum can also apply for an intern position at ISTA.

You should review the list of research groups to identify the topic that can be a good fit to your intended research projects. You should then contact the respective group leader directly.


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