The Institute of Science and Technology Austria welcomes you on November 30 (Friday), 2018!

Meet the Research Groups

Join lab tours and “Meet the Research Group” sessions, where you get the opportunity to meet our professors, PhD students and postdocs, and can find out more about their research.

PhD program and internship opportunities

Find out about our PhD program and internship opportunities from the PhD Program Chair (Prof. Gasper Tkacik).

Campus Tours

Take a campus tour to learn more about the founding principles of IST Austria as well as its past and future developments.


If you would like to join for the Student Open Day, please register using the form below. Note that registration is compulsory and that the most up-to-date information will only be sent to registered visitors. For questions, please feel free to contact the Graduate School Office (


A PDF of the program can be downloaded from this link.

Main Program 

Lab Tours

Campus Tours

Think & Drink Talk


The following buses are available especially for visitors of the Student Open Day:

Arrival:    8:15: Heiligenstadt (U4 station)    |     9:15: Heiligenstadt (U4 station)    |    11:00: TU Wien (Resselgasse 5)

Departure:    17:00: to Heiligenstadt (U4 station)    |    18:00: to TU Wien (Resselgasse 5)

Alternatively, you can use the regular IST Shuttle Bus (#142) or the public bus 400, which depart regularly from Heiligenstadt Wien (U4/S-Bahn station). A schedule is available here.

Groups Participating in the Open Day

The following groups offer lab tour / “Meet the Research Group” sessions on Student Open Day 2018.

Registration Form

In order to register for the Student Open Day, please fill out the details below or through this link. We will send you the most up-to-date information via email. For questions, please feel free to contact the Graduate School Office (

Past Student Open Days

To see past programs, have a look at our archived page for Student Open Day 2017.

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